Thomas Flint

Age: 13

Level: Expert

USABMX profile is available here

Tom is 13 years old and has been racing BMX since January 2017, starting as a novice rider. By October 2017 he had advanced to intermediate and picked up the #2 plate in the state of Florida, just missing the #1 spot by a single point. In December of 2017 Tom progressed to Expert.

Tom has been a team member of  West Coast Racing (WCR) BMX team since the very start and is looking forward to competing in the new Florida State Series.

Year Level Florida State Florida All Star Series Florida Sun Shine State (SSA)
2016/17 Intermediate DNR
2017/18 Expert DNR

Tom lives in Palm Harbor and trains at Oldsmar and Tampa BMX, along with training on his bike. He goes to his local YMCA 3-4 times a week to improve his cardio and overall strength and stamina.  Tom attends East Lake Middle School Academy of Engineering.  He enjoys playing video games,  hanging out with his German Shepard Dog (Ollie), and making videos for his youtube channel 157BMX

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