Chance Tooker

About Chance
 I started Riding at the Oldsmar Track in June 2017 . Since then as a novice I quickly discovered the ASA  Series where I placed 1st !
This is where it was discovered there is no turning back I’ve become addicted to BMX without I doubt! After the ASA Series I moved up the ranks to Intermediate, it was at this time that I joined West Coast Racing! Joining West Coast Racing (WCR) is by far the achievement I am most proud of . My teammates are my closest friends I enjoy training with them off the track as well as competing with them on the track.  After joining the team we participated in SSA series where I placed  5th and moved to Expert. 
Currently  I am finishing up the State Series. I call Tampa BMX home where you can find me training and racing three days a week, the days I’m not there I’m back at Oldsmar riding. 
My goals are to never stop riding, I am working hard towards getting a Top 10 Jacket for the district this year. As an expert I am excited about  training even more and jumping my way back to the podium in the New Florida State Series with my teammates can’t wait to see you there. 
When Chance is not at the Track he attends Foxhollow Elementary in Port Richey Fl. where Chance is a Honor student on the Student Council as well as a member of The Art Club and Safety Patrol.