WCR Rider’s make Top 10 in FL01

Congratulations to West Coast Racing‘s Lorenzo Aguilar, Thomas Flint, Chance Tooker, and Dalton Gerbase who are top 10 riders in the FL01 district.

Also Congratuations go out to Scott Gulley, Ian Beilfuss, and Nathan Jones for finishing in the Top 10 of cruisers in the FL01 district.

And last but not least well done to Emerson Mccracken  for finishing 6th

We’re looking forward to seeing you sporting your new district plates.

Well Done Team

West Coast Racing’s riders had a great weekend at Okeeheelee BMX competing in the the Florida State Final. A number of riders got awarded state plates here’s the list

Alejandro Chica #7

17-20 year old – Expert

Thomas Flint #8

13 year old – Expert

Chance Tooker #6

10 year old – Expert

Lorenzo #4

9 year old – Expert

Chuck Nauman #2

36-40 year old – Intermediate

Scott Gulley #1

41-45 year old – Cruiser

Martin Flint #2

46-50 year old – Intermediate

Mark Beilfuss #3

46-50 year old – Intermediate

Ian Beilfuss #2

17-20 year old – Intermediate

Eric Gulley #2

16 year old – Intermediate

Dalton Gerbase #2

14 year old – Intermediate

Peyton Miller #5

12 year old – Intermediate

Jayden Mitchell #1

11 year old – Intermediate

& Now Expert 🙂

Beckett McCracken #10

8 year old – Intermediate

Landon Davis #5

8 year old – Novice

Emerson McCracken #6

12 year old – Novice

Well done everyone, we’re so proud of your achievements and are looking forward to watching you all race in the new Florida State Series starting this October at Cape Coral BMX

West Coast Racing New Jersey for 2018/2019 Season

West Coast Racing has a new jersey for the 2018/2019 season. and we would like to welcome our new sponsors @mcdonaldbarnhill , @fiberglassfab,  @organizedadjuster, @avain to the West Coast Racing Family, and ofcourse we’d like to thank our long time sponsors for their continued support  @JRBicycles@gallolawfl, and @probulin

We’d also like to thank Remy and Loic from @cr.customracing for helping put these designs together so quickly for us. We’re also working on a pit shirt fo you parents to wear and show your support at the track, more details coming soon.



West Coast Racing Finish 6th place in SSA

Congratulations West Coast Racing, who managed 6th overall in their first season in the Florida Cup SSA series,  85% of our riders finished in the Top 5 of their class/age group, and  a magnificent 37% of our riders finished in the Top 2! This is absolutely fantastic, the future is looking very bright for West Coast Racing. We’re all very proud of the teams hard work and commitment.