How Much Does it cost to join West Coast Racing?

We ask that riders pay $100 volunteer deposit, and $50 team fee. The $50 is used to help pay for team entry fees and other team related events.  The $100 volunteer deposit is returned after the parent or rider has volunteered helping the team or a local track for 8 hours. Once you pay the $150 we will order your uniform,

Is West Coast Racing a for profit business?

No, West Coast Racing is a non-pofit organization, we get funded from our sponsors who help fund our team and its riders.

What benefits do I get when riding for West Coast Racing?

We get significant discounts on items purchased from J&R Bicycles which we will explain to you when you join the team. We get even bigger discounts on products from Avian, Meybo, Speedco, and Pure purchased through J&R Bicycles

I see most of the riders ride at Tampa and Oldsmar, I don’t will this be a problem?

No, not necessarily. If you train regularly and will come to some team practices when you can that’s fine.

Which races will we have to go to?

West Coast Racing competed in the new Florida State Series, which is managed by USABMX. There are  14 races run between October and April, with a Championship race in May. There are 2 races once a month  on a Saturday and a Sunday at different tracks in the state of Florida. The current schedule is online here.  We also complete in some National events but this is entirely optional.

How Many races will we have to go to?

We expect riders to attend at least 4 of the 7 weekend events in the new Florida State Series. We need enough riders to attend at least 7 races of the 14 qualifying races, so the team qualifies for the championship final. Dates of the races are online here.

We also race in some National events as a team, but this is optional.



Do I have be a specific level or age to ride for West Coast Racing?

No, we are looking for all ages and levels from  Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Girl, and Cruiser riders

Will I get a West Coast Racing Uniform?

Once you pay the $50 team fee, and the $100 Volunteer deposit. West Coast Racing will provide you with a race uniform that consists of a Jersey, Pants, and Gloves. You can purchase extra items at a discounted price. There is also a matching black helmet you can purchase. All riders must have a black helmet.

Are there any eligibility requirements to join the team?

  1. Each rider must race at least once per month at their local track with one month per year allowed of no racing.
  2. All riders must be in good standing with USABMX and maintain a current license.
  3. All riders must maintain good GPA if in school.
  4. All riders must race at least 10-16 local races to show support for the sport of BMX and your local program with one month per year allowed of no racing.
  5. All riders must keep the team manager informed of progress and email race reports for National, Gold Cup Events they attend. So we can post updates on team website, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.
  6. Each Rider and Parent must agree to abide by our Code of Conduct Agreement.

Does West Coast Racing have a Code of Conduct?

Absolutely, The foundation of this team is built on sportsmanship. Being a Team Member is about looking someone in the eyes when you speak to them, about high fives at the end of a race, about doing your best, and about having fun. Members of this team are expected to be role models offering inspiration to others both on and off the track. This applies to parents as well. It is the parent’s opportunity to showcase the patience and praise they have for their children and their efforts. Each racer and parent will be required to sign our Code of Conduct agreement.

Do you have team training sessions?

Yes we have these every few weeks at Tampa BMX or Oldsmar BMX. We also try and have a team practice at other tracks when the have a event coming up such as a National or a state race, etc

Are the riders Coached?

There are opportunities for your rider to get coaching. We have a number of very experienced riders that help out and coach our team. We usually get access to the track just for the team, and pay a fee to the coach. This is usually less than $30 per rider for a 2 hour training session.

What Type of Teams do you have?

We will have 2 types of teams for the 2018/19 season.

  • Trophy Team – This is a mixture of Novice, Intermediate, Girls, and Cruiser Riders. there may be one or two new Expert Riders on the team too. This team will compete in the Florida State Series and in USABMX Nationals as a Trophy team
  • Bike Shop/Money Team – This is a group of Expert Level riders, with experienced Girl, Cruiser, and maybe some intermediate riders that are very close to turning Expert. This team will compete in the Florida State Series and in USABMX Nationals as a Bike Shop/Money team 

Do I have to buy parts from a specific store/manufacturer to be on the team?

No, you do not. We would encourage you to purchase items from J&R Bicycles where you also get a discounts on parts purchased. We would encourage you look at Avian products, if you need a crank, rims, bottom brackets, etc. Since they help sponsor our team and offer us a great discount though J&R Bicycles. But you are free to purchase whatever you think is best for you and your bike.

How Many Riders are on each team?

We currently have 15 riders on the Trophy team, and 7 riders on our Money/Bikeshop team.

How much will it cost to enter each race?

Riders are responsible for paying their own entry fee(s), and covering their own travel expenses, and if need be paying for accommodation. Entry fees for races varies from $25 for a state race to $50 for a national race.

West Coast Racing will pay the team entry fee.

Do you all hang out together at races?

Yes, we bring the team tents and we try and find a location where we can setup and hang together as a team. We now have a tent with West Coast Racing logo’s.

What will happen at the tryout?

You’ll meet some of the riders and parents from the team. So we can decide if we’re a good fit for each other. We’ll explain what the plan for the year is and answer any questions you may have. We’ll then evaluate the rider and see which team would be a good fit and discuss this with the rider or their parents.


Why join a team?

There are many reasons, here are just a few….

  • Many Kids like to be part of a team, they enjoy having friends to hang with locally and nationally who they can cheer for and who can cheer for them
  • Provide riders with discounts form J&R Bicycles  and get even bigger discounts from manufacturers such as Avian, Meybo, Speedco, and Pure
  • Training – we provide team training sessions at Tampa and Oldsmar, and  at some other tracks the week before an event such as a National or State race.
  • Support at races. When you go to races by yourself you drag your own chairs around, your own tent, do things yourself, check your own moto sheets…. with a team we have a dedicated pit area, you can bring less to the race yourself and it makes the weekends less stressful.
  • Direction, with new riders they may not have the experience with how to set the bike up, the gearing… some don’t know all the rules or what is worth doing and what is not, a team offers other members with more experience to help with those questions.

I have a question thats not on this list?

Then contact us and we will answer it for you.